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Litigation May Not Be Your Best Path To Resolution.

In some family law cases, the involved parties are on amicable terms. In other cases, couples may simply wish to work out a settlement on their own terms, without the costs, delays or judgment of the court. For those couples, mediation is a sound approach.

In mediation, the couple hires an attorney to act as a neutral third party to help them discuss and resolve their disagreements. Unlike a judge, a mediator doesn’t make decisions. Instead, he or she helps couples reach their own agreements, and works hard to facilitate a resolution that both parties can live with.

Mediation typically follows these phases:

  • Parties meet with the mediator and present an overview of their case.
  • Contested issues are identified and categorized.
  • Possible solutions are discussed, with the mediator attempting to foster a fair and civil dialog.
  • As couples begin to agree on terms, the mediator drafts, revises and presents a formal agreement.

If you and your spouse are open to this approach you can learn more by talking with one of our attorneys who has a background in mediating cases. Contact us today to arrange an initial consultation.

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