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How To Fight For Your Rights Outside The Courtroom.

Arbitration can be viewed as a solution that is somewhere between mediation and litigation. Like mediation, arbitration enables couples to seek a settlement outside the courtroom. But unlike a mediator, the arbitrator has the power to pass judgment and issue a final decree on contested issues.

In this regard, it is much like going before a judge, but differs in several fundamental ways:

  • In arbitration, couples can select the certified arbitrator of their choice, rather than having a judge randomly assigned to their case.
  • Arbitration is “agreement driven.” It typically moves more quickly, without the delays, docket backlogs, and restraints of the courtroom.
  • It is normally more cost-effective, as there are no court costs and settlements are often reached in less time.
  • The process is confidential and private. Unlike courtrooms, which may be open to press and public, arbitration is normally conducted in a private conference room.

In short, arbitration allows litigious parties to have a private forum, and gives them more control over the costs, scheduling and choice of ‘overseer’ of their case.

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