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Under Texas law, future spouses have a right to enter into a pre-marital agreement. This agreement can have a dramatic effect on a future divorce, property division, and spousal maintenance.

As with every other area of the law, a family law court sometimes reaches a questionable or unjust decision. Even though a divorce decree or custody order is pronounced final, it may not be the last word. Once the court signs a final order, involved parties have a right to appeal to the Court of Appeals and potentially the Texas Supreme Court.

At BurnettTurner, we have the resources to investigate your original court case, prepare for or defend against an appeal, and advocate for your case in front of an appellate court. Our extensive background and knowledge regarding complex legal issues and the current state of the law make us uniquely qualified to identify the issues in your appeal and present your case to an appellate court.

Our team is always ready and willing to go the distance to ensure that your case comes to a fair conclusion. If you are facing a family law issue, or question the fairness of a past ruling, contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our family law attorneys.

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