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Complex Property Division

Our Attorneys Help You Protect The Things You’ve Worked For.

A fair marital property division is often the most important issue to be resolved in the divorce process. Divorce is forever, and the impact it has on your financial status can be permanent.

If your divorce involves significant assets or complex items such as business ownership, the attorneys at BurnettTurner have the experience, business acumen, and financial insight needed to protect your interests. We offer a complete range of services related to complex asset and property division, including:

  • Business and property valuation
  • Tracing separate and hidden assets
  • Spousal maintenance agreements
  • Agreement modifications
  • Property division enforcement

In this critically important area, we can put an entire team of experienced attorneys and paralegals to work to ensure that your interests are being aggressively protected. We work with leading independent professionals to investigate hidden assets, appraise business property, and determine the future value of pensions, securities and financial assets.

At BurnettTurner, we’ve resolved complex property issues for some of the most successful families in Texas. Let us do the same for you. Contact us today and arrange an initial consultation.

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