Divorce Property

Hidden Assets

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When going through a divorce, couples undergo a thorough lifestyle analysis. All marital property is taken into account and both individual’s budgets are evaluated to determine what life after divorce might look like.

To reach a fair settlement and division of assets, it is imperative that the inventory of property be accurate. Often, spouses hide assets and reclaim them after property division is finalized, resulting in an unfair share of marital property. It is essential to ensure that a proper lifestyle analysis is performed so that all hidden assets are uncovered.

If your marriage is headed for divorce, experts suggest you be wary of any attempts made by your spouse to conceal assets. Beware of suspicious behavior from your spouse such as defensiveness, overreacting to simple financial questions, spousal guilt, or extreme money management control. Keep track of all financial records such as bank statements in order to catch any manipulative schemes that your spouse may be pulling.

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