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Complex Property Valuation and Division

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A fair settlement begins with an honest valuation. When determining the financial outcome of your divorce, there are two major facets the court will consider that can have a lasting impact on your finances: valuation and division. In short, how much is your property worth, and how should it be divided?

The greater your assets and the more non-liquid assets you own, the more complex this area becomes. The court can weigh a number of factors and variables, including:

  • The spouses’ capacities and abilities
  • Benefits that the party not at fault would have derived from continuation of the marriage
  • Business opportunities
  • Education of the spouses
  • Relative physical conditions
  • Relative financial condition and obligations
  • Disparity of ages
  • Size of separate estates
  • The nature of the property
  • Fault in the breakup of the marriage (such as adultery, cruelty or other issues)
  • Fraud or breach of fiduciary duty
  • Wasting of community assets by a spouse
  • Claims for reimbursement from community property
  • The custody arrangements of the parents

The more complex the assets and their valuation, the more critical it is to hire an attorney who understands how to properly defend or attack the valuation of a marital asset. The team at BurnettTurner is highly adept in this area. Over the years, we’ve put our talents to work for some of the most established and successful families in Texas.

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