Conflict Resolution Through Mediation

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In most Texas counties, divorcing couples are required to attend mediation before their case goes to trial. As a result, the mediation process often determines the final details of the divorce settlement and custody agreement. With so much at stake, you need an experienced attorney who is well versed in how to help you achieve your objectives.

Typically during mediation, you and your attorney will be present in one room and your spouse will be present with his or her attorney in another room. The mediator goes back and forth between you and your spouse in an attempt to negotiate a settlement. This approach offers a variety of benefits. While the process may seem simple enough, it requires a skilled, experienced attorney to protect both your immediate and long-term interests and to help fully prepare you for the journey ahead.

Namely, it:

  • Requires less time and money than courtroom litigation
  • Allows couples to air grievances or concerns in a non-judgmental environment
  • Gives couples greater control over their divorce settlement
  • Allows couples to reach creative solutions that meet their family’s needs or preferences

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