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Child Relocation Cases

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As our economy changes, more and more parents are faced with the decision of having to relocate across the state or country. When this happens, they may be required to ask the court’s permission to relocate a child outside of the current geographic area. For both parents, relocation can lead to contentious litigation over what is truly in the best interest of the child.

There are many scenarios that may lead to a need to relocate a child. In addition to job relocations, parents may need to move their children away from homes fraught with alcohol and drug dependency, physical abuse and mental health issues. Child relocation matters can become very emotional for children and parents alike. It is important to have legal representation who will work with professional child psychologists and family welfare professionals to prepare the strongest and clearest case possible on your behalf.

Whether you are applying for relocation with your child, or fighting a relocation application, our firm has the experience you can rely on to protect your rights and your child’s interests.

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